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Mapping and GIS Workshop Overviews

Each TEAM Consulting workshop has been developed to maximize learning and can be tailored to fit your organization's needs. See below for an overview of our Mapping and GIS workshop offerings. Contact the workshop instructor(s) for more information or to schedule a seminar or workshop. Find a complete listing of our instructors here.

Property Photo-models – Half-Day (New 2014)

Author: Keith Cunningham, PhD

Regular digital cameras and even cameras on cell phones can collect pictures to build three dimensional photo models.  These photo-models can be georeferenced and used to measure real property. Drones carrying cameras add additional perspective that can improve the photo-models as well as building updated mosaics for GIS. The photo-models can be integrated with GIS as well as PDF files that can be saved in a CAMA system.

Analysis of GPS & Photogrammetric Errors: 1 Day

Author: Keith Cunningham, PhD
Planning and understanding a spatial error budget is critical for understanding errors in ortho-imagery, oblique imagery, and GPS positions. You have to understand the nature and types of errors when utilizing deliverables from staff and contractors. This course explains sources of error, error classification, and error measurement.
Intro to GPS: 1 Day
Author: Keith Cunningham, PhD
GPS has become a common tool for a wide variety of users. This course addresses the background of the technology and appropriate implementation in GIS/Mapping projects. We also discuss GPS integration with GSI, and GPS error.
Intro to GIS: 1 Day
Author: Keith Cunningham, PhD
GIS allows the visualization, interpretation, and questioning of spatial data. This course provides an overview of the primary digital mapping concepts. This includes the basics of GIS data types, data capture, and storage. An introduction to spatial analysis and modeling is also provided.

GNSS: 1 Day
Author: Keith Cunningham, PhD
The global positioning system has been with us for several decades. But we are at the dawn of a new generation of GPS, often referred to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). This includes, GPS III, the Russian GLONASS system, and the European Galileo system. We will cover the changing landscape of GNSS and Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) in this course. 

Grid vs. Ground in GIS and GPS: 1 Day
Author: Keith Cunningham, PhD
GIS mapping is almost always done in a projected, grid coordinate system, not in the spherical coordinates of latitude and longitude. State plane coordinates are the most common official plane coordinate system used for GIS mapping. This course begins with a basic explanation of how map projections work, followed by an easy-to-understand primer on geodetic concepts.

The Assessor's Cadastre – The History of Land Ownership in the United States – 1 day (new 2014) 
Author: Rick Norejko, CMS
Modern day local assessment offices are staffed with individuals who possess different skill sets and knowledge than deemed necessary even five years ago. It is through the taxation of real property that tax jurisdictions within the United States generate a majority of their revenue. The Assessor’s Cadastre workshop is designed to provide students with an understanding, and most importantly, a working knowledge of legal documents related to real property ownership and the rights associated with that ownership.  Understanding real property law is critical to the valuation of parcels in conformance with generally accepted appraisal standards.  This class covers real property ownership and tax assessment in the United States, as well as real property law, from the county assessment office standpoint.

The lecture will cover the following topics: the history of land conveyances; the history of real property assessment; understanding the various components of property transfers; the recommended order of importance of ambiguous legal instruments; how assessment staff should handle various legal deed and taxpayer requested abnormalities; redefining the relationship between the county’s  recorder’s  office and the assessor; how to acquire new imagery without using the county’s capital funds; the best business practices for maintaining and accurate and equitable real property assessment database.


The Assessor's Cadastre – The Principles of Property Law for Appraisers and Cadastral Mappers – 2 day (new 2014)
Author: Rick Norejko, CMS

If we accept the purpose that both attorneys and land surveyors apply principles of law toward ownership of real property, we must also accept the role of an assessor and staff as experts regarding the county Cadastre. The cadastral expert applies law, rules and common sense in forming an opinion of ownership and location of property boundaries for assessment purposes. This workshop adds to the body of knowledge of the participant in making the decision necessary for an accurate American Cadastre. This workshop focuses on the terminology and components of legal documents involved in the ownership and valuation of real property.


The Assessor's Cadastre – The Rest of the Story  – 2 ½ day (new 2014)
Author: Rick Norejko, CMS

This workshop covers the History of Land Ownership in the United States and the Principles of Property Law.