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The American Cadastre – The History of Land Ownership in the United States – 1 day (new 2014) 
Author: Rick Norejko, CMS

Let’s face it, you already know how to map property or appraise a parcel. But do you know the who, what, where, and how about that tract of land? What’s behind the metes and bounds system in America? Who are the founders of the Public Land Survey System? What are the social, political and cultural influences for creating it? Where do deeds come from and what does all that legalistic terminology mean? What role does a county appraiser play in the national economy? This workshop covers the historical background surrounding events, inventions and people. The lecture allows you to experience the “ahaa” moment when you say to yourself “that’s why we do that,” “that’s where that came from” or “that’s where that word comes from.”