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The Art of Making a Powerful Presentation – 1 day (New 2009) 
Authors: George Donatello, CMS & Rick Stuart, CAE 

Nothing can be more powerful than face-to-face communication, particularly if the message is well researched and the delivery is good and completed with confidence. What a Greek leader Pericles said more than 2,500 years ago is still true today, “One who forms a judgment on any point but cannot explain it clearly might as well never have thought at all on the subject.” 
Good delivery will be shown as a combination of both verbal and non-verbal communication. The physical delivery of a presentation will generally not be great the first time or two it is delivered. However, there is no substitute for experience.  Experience will help the presenter know when to emphasize points, pause, change voice reflection, make body movement and gestures, when to change facial expressions and when to recognize that a point was not understood. Making a presentation is an art and not a science. Multiple people can deliver the same presentation with differing results. 

What we hope to accomplish in this workshop is the process of preparation, the gathering of knowledge and the development of confidence so that you can master "The Art of Making a Powerful Presentation."