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Jerald L. Rudman, CIAO/M

TEAM Welcomes Jerry Rudman

TEAM Consulting is pleased to welcome our newest instructor, Jerald L. Rudman, CIAO/M (Certified Illinois Assessing Officer/Master). Learn more about Jerry and the courses he is available to teach in the April issue of the newsletter.

TEAM Updates Workshops

Team strives to keep our workshops updated with the current market data and related articles. The following workshops have been updated effective January 1, 2019:

  • Valuation of Lodging Properties

  • Valuation of Manufactured Homes

  • Appraising After a Disaster or in Traumatic Events

For more info on these and other TEAM workshops, visit the Workshops page.

Rick Norejko Named IAAO Instructor of Excellence

Congratulations to TEAM's Rick Norejko, CMS, who received the IAAO Instructor of Excellence Award during the 2018 IAAO Annual Conference in Minneapolis. This award is presented to a current IAAO instructor who has gone beyond basic textbook instruction and has motivated students to learn professional skills the will positively influence their career. Read more about Rick and TEAM's participation at this year's IAAO conference in the October newsletter.

TEAM Members to Participate in 2018 IAAO Annual Conference

Several TEAM consultants will be presenters at IAAO's annual conference in Minneapolis in September. 

  • Fred Chmura, AAS: The Modernization of IAAO's Governing Documents, 1:30 pm, September 24 
  • Ken Voss, MAI, AI-GRS, SRA, CAE: Implementing a Big-Box Methodology, 2 pm, September 25
  • Brad Eldridge, MAI, CAE: Now That's A Good Story, 9:30 am, September 25
  • Rick Norejko, CMS: The History of the Public Land Surveying System, 9:30 am, September 25

Learn more about their presentations in the July issue of the newsletter. Find out more about the IAAO annual conference on IAAO's website.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Team member Rick Norejko, CMS, will be giving an enlightening and humorous presentation at this year's IAAO conference in Minneapolis. Join us at 9:30 am on Tuesday, September 25th, as we turn back the hands of time to experience the social, cultural and political aspects surrounding the creation of the Public Land Survey System in America. Read more in the April issue of the newsletter.

Welcome TEAM Instructor Amy Rasmussen

Amy Rasmusses, RES, AAS, is the newest instructor at TEAM Consulting. Amy has nearly three decades of experience working in the Polk County, Iowa, Assessor's office, where she currently serves as Director of Litigation. Read more about Amy on page 3 of the January 2018 newsletter

Crapo Recognized for Lifetime Achievement

Congratulations to TEAM's Ed Crapo, CFA, ASA, AAS, who received IAAO's Professional Development Lifetime Achievment Award. The award was presented during the IAAO Annual Conference in September. Read more about TEAM's participation in this year's conference in the October issue of TEAM Consulting News.

Sidwell Project Profiles

Sidwell, a leading provider of geospacial solutions specializing in GIS products and services, shares two project profiles featuring Tioga County, Penn., and Effingham County, Ill. Learn how they assisted both counties in upgrading their parcel data records and management processes in the July edition of TEAM Consulting News.

AAS Case Study Review Workshop

Make plans now to attend The AAS Case Study Review Workshop in El Paso, Texas, on Nov. 28–30, 2017. This 2 1/2-day program provides a review of materials and an understanding of the composition of a case study to help you prepare for the AAS Case Study exam. Learn more about the workshop in the April issue of the newsletter.

Stuart Completes Online Instructor Courses

Rick Stuart, CAE, CDEI, successfully completed the 16-hour training for the CDEI designation through International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). The program is designed for those preparing to teach educational courses via the Internet, video-conferencing and other distance education means. Read more about Rick and the CDEI program in the January issue of the newsletter

Welcome CourthouseUSA!

TEAM Consulting LLC is pleased to welcome a new business partner (and longtime friends) CourthouseUSA (CUSA). CUSA is made up of mass appraisal industry experts providing mobile and web-based products for local and state governments. Read more about CUSA and ValueArmor, their big data analytics product, in the October issue.

Crapo to Assist Virgin Islands

Ed Crapo, AAS, ASA, CFA, TEAM consultant and Alachua County, Fla., appraiser, has been appointed to serve on the Virgin Islands Real Property Task Force. Read about the task force in the July issue of the newsletter.

TEAM Welcomes Brad Eldridge to Our Group

TEAM Consulting is pleased to announce that Brad Eldgridge, MAI, has joined our consulting team. Brad has 18 years of experience in both the private and public sectors of the real estate appraisal industry. Read more about Brad and the Senior Housing Valuation workshop he developed in the April issue of the newsletter.

TEAM Welcomes Lath Harris

We are pleased to announce that R. Latham "Lath" Harris, CAE, SRA, has joined TEAM Consulting. 

During his 40-plus-year career in the Sumpter County, SC, assessor’s office as the department manager, Lath oversaw the operations of three computer software conversions, seven county-wide reassessment programs, and the conversion to a GIS program. In 1987 he founded Harris Appraisal Company and gained experience in the fee appraisal business. Lath’s experience in both private and governmental services gives him an unique outlook on problems surfacing daily in the assessment profession.

Read more about Lath in the January 2016 issue of the newsletter.


Now Available: Video Explaining Appraisal Process to Property Owners

TEAM Consulting, LLC and 502 Media Group have produced an award-winning video that explains the fair and equitable appraisal process in terms that are easy for anyone to understand. Our goal is to help explain the appraiser's role in determining fair property values. The video can be custom-branded and is available in English or Spanish. Upload it to your website or your YouTube channel. Read more about this great new product in the October newsletter or here.

TEAM Seeks Data for Unique Appraisal Problems Workshop

TEAM's most popular workshop is "Unique Appraisal Problems." This one-day workshop deals with unique problems, such as homes that were once used as meth labs and then remediated—one of the topics we get asked about most often. To keep our workshop up to date, we need the most current data on these unique properties. We're also interested in newer structure types, including container homes and tiny homes. That's why we're asking readers to send us their data on these properties. Learn how you can help.

TEAM Welcomes Ken Uhrich

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ken Uhrich as a TEAM associate. Ken brings over 37 years of experience in property appraisals, property tax adiminstration and tax management specializing in complex properties. Learn more about Ken in the April newsletter.

Mapping Workshop Filled with Aha Moments

You already know how to map property or appraise a parcel. But do you know the who, what, where, and how about that tract of land? What’s behind the metes and bounds system in America? Who are the founders of the Public Land Survey System? What are the social, political and cultural influences for creating it? Where do deeds come from, and what does all that legalistic terminology mean? What role does a county appraiser play in the national economy? This workshop covers the historical background surrounding events, inventions and people. 

TEAM's Rick Norejko, CMS, has put together an outstanding workshop on the American Cadastre covering the history of land ownership in the U.S. and the principles of property law. Read more about the "aha" moments you'll experience in Rick's workshops in the January issue of the newsletter. 

Upcoming TEAM Classes

TEAM classes are scheduled for this fall and early 2015. Consult the education calendar in the October issue of TEAM Consulting News to see what's on tap in your area. Not seeing what you need? Find all our available workshops here or contact Fred Chmura, AAS, or Rick Stuart, CAE, for more information about TEAM educational opportunities.

Fred Chmura & Ed Crapo
TEAM Partners with Maui County

TEAM has been selected to work with the Maui County, Hawaii, Department of Finance Real Property Assessment Division on submitting a successuful application for the prestigious IAAO Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration. TEAM's Fred Chmura, AAS, and Ed Crapo, AAS, ASA, CFA, will work with Division Administrator Scott Teruya, AAS, on the project.

Picture of TAAD award
TEAM's Rick Stuart, CAE (center) receives award from TAAD President Brent South (l) and TAAD Conference Chair Rick Kuehler (r).

Stuart Honored at Texas Conference

Congratulations to TEAM's Rick Stuart, CAE, who received the James A. Goodwin Excellence in Education Award during the annual conference of the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts (TAAD) held in February. The award recognizes an individual who has made noteworthy contributions to professional ad valorem education. The award is named in memory of a former chief appraiser for Ector County Appraisal District in Texas. Rick is the first non-Texan to receive the award.

Drones Transform Property Assessment

The University of Alaska Fairbanks, where TEAM's Keith Cunningham, PhD, serves as a research professor, was among six sites approved by the FAA to test unmanned aircraft systems (commonly known as "drones") for civilian applications. In the February issue of TEAM Consulting News, Dr. Cunningham explains the technology and how it could revolutionize property mapping, measurements, and assessement practices.

Rick Stuart, CAE

Stuart Receives Award at IAAO Conference

Congratulations to TEAM's Rick Stuart, CAE, who received the Verne W. Porrorff, CAE Award at the Annual IAAO Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. The award recognizes the IAAO Professional Designee who has most effectively promotied the interests and mission of the IAAO's Professional Designation Program. Read more about TEAM members at this year's IAAO conference in the October newsletter.

Pecos Lodge
The Pecos Lodge

TEAM Member Recounts Man Camp Visit 

TEAM's Rick Stuart, CAE, had the pleasure of presenting his Public Relations & Customer Service workshop at a unique venue this May: the Pecos Lodge, a man camp facility located in Pecos, Texas. "I was very impressed by the operation in Pecos," says Stuart. Read more about this impressive facility in the July issue of the newsletter. You will also find a round up of other workshops coming up this year. 

TEAM Adds New "Disaster Workshop"

Assessment officials are constantly faced with appraising property after a disaster—whether natural or man-made. TEAM has put together "Appraising After a Disaster or in Traumatic Events" to help you prepare in advance in case your jurisdiction is affected by disaster.

A second new workshop, "The Valuation of Barndominiums," is set to debut June 1. Read more about all of TEAM's educational programs in the April 2013 newsletter or visit the Workshops Overview for the full lineup of TEAM workshops.

Varny Pashoulis and Rick Stuart

An International Visitor

Varnavas "Varny" Pashoulis, a land valuation officer in Cyprus, is visiting the U.S. as part of a scholarship program to learn more about computer assisted mass appraisal systems. TEAM member Rick Stuart, CAE, had an opportunity to ask Varny a series of questions for TEAM Consulting News. Read more about Varny's experiences in the October issue.

TEAM & Lexur Now Business Partners

The Lexur Appraisal Services and TEAM Consulting, LLC, have become business partners. Lexur Appraisal Services is
a professional service company formed in 2005 to perform appraisal work for local government. Our principals have over 100 years of experience in the mass appraisal industry, and our appraisal staff has over 850 years of appraisal experience. Since its formation, Lexur has served over 1.4 million parcels. Lexur’s services include: 
  • Reappraisal Services
  • Virtual Data Verification (VDV)
  • Annual Property Maintenance
  • Statistical Valuations Updates
  • Appraisal Consulting Services
  • Market/Income Modeling

Lexur's new Virtual Data Verification (VDV) solution uses the latest “cloud” technology to enable their experienced staff to verify a property’s attributes without having to send an appraiser to the field. VDV meets the IAAO standard (3.3.5) as an alternative to on-site inspections and is a true integration of  jurisdictions’ existing resources. Lexur is the industry leader in remote data verification services with over 1.1 million parcels verified using remote data verification techniques.

Ed Crapo and Wendy Sapp, Alachua Co., Fla., Appraiser's Office

Crapo Presented Most Valuable Member Award

TEAM member Ed Crapo, CFA, ASA, AAS, received the prestigious Clifford B. Allen-Most Valuable Member Award from the International Association of Assessing Officers during the association's annual meeting in September. Crapo's staff at the Alachua County, Fla., Appraiser's Office were also recognized by the IAAO with the Public Information Program Award. See TEAM's November newsletter for more details.

Nassau County selects TEAM
By Ed Crapo, AAS, ASA, CFA

Nassau County, New York, has retained the services of TEAM Consulting, LLC as an expert in a lawsuit contesting the 2010-11 equalization rate for residential properties. Ed Crapo AAS, ASA, CFA; Fred Chmura, AAS; and Pete Davis are consulting with the county attorney’s office in the defense of this action. 

At issue is that the tax assessor certified the 2010-11 rate at 0.0025 percent, and the plaintiff(s) contends that the true rate is 0.00233 percent. While the differences may seem small, the county says that the reduction would cost them approximately $200 million.

It is too early in the proceedings to say much about the facts of the case. But the case does involve more than a mathematical determination of who is correct. The assessor determined his level of assessment through a traditional sales ratio process. The plaintiff(s), on the other hand, hired an econometrician from the University of Oklahoma, who arrived at his conclusion through an econometric methodology. This makes the case pretty interesting because it involves legal issues, professional standards issues, methodology issues inside the legal and professional standard issues, actual fact issues and, finally, calculation issues.

If you or your jurisdiction need assistance on any sales ratio, office or procedural reviews or general help with appraisal, please remember TEAM Consulting, LLC. 

TEAM and Pickett New Business Partners

TEAM Consulting is pleased to partner with Pickett & Co., Inc., longtime appraisers of complex properties including industrial facilities, public utilities, gaming/resort real estate, petroleum reserves, and other special purpose properties. With more than 85 years of continuous experience, Pickett  offers ad valorem taxation appraisals on behalf of schools, towns, counties, and states.

Pickett’s valuation engineering is also used for insurance, risk management, condemnation and financial planning. Pickett’s experience spans Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Mississippi, North Dakota, and other states.

This partnership recognizes that the two companies are different in the services they provide the customers but are in totally related fields. The companies will offer marketing exposure and appropriate referrals to prospective and existing clients.