TEAM Consulting, LLC

Leaders in Property Assessment & Valuation

Keith Cunningham, PhD

Keith Cunningham's two decades of GIS experience is used in the disciplines of land records, CAMA change detection, and quantitative modeling.

His assessment experience includes "spatial-accounting" with governments and industry. He has managed large-scale asset inventories for electric and telecommunications utilities to calculate valuations to establish utility base rates and set tariffs. Within government appraisal, he has implemented digital cadastres for many counties. He has also developed several software applications used for geo-referenced "street-view" imaging to enable the desktop property appraisals approved by the 1996 IAAO Standard.

Dr. Cunningham's doctoral dissertation investigated the use of artificial neural networks for spatial pattern detection and extraction. This effort has been incorporated in his recent research utilizing light-detection and ranging (LiDAR) to automatically geo-reference CAMA sketches and perform change detection of each sketch against LiDAR footprints. Other experience with spatial modeling includes issues of community development, consolidated planning, and transportation.