TEAM Consulting, LLC

Leaders in Property Assessment & Valuation

About TEAM

TEAM Consulting offers demonstrated expertise in property assessment and valuation to business and government clients. Our experts are "problem solvers" who seek cost-effective and practical solutions to any assessment-related problem. TEAM's mission is to enable new technologies and innovative ideas that improve assessment administration and property valuation processes to benefit both our clients and the taxpayers we serve.

TEAMís vision for the future of property assessment administration and valuation is to help build systems that are technologically efficient, cost effective and valuable to the publics who depend on them for information.

TEAM Values

Our values are central to who we are as consultants.

  • Respect: 
Respect means appreciating and valuing diverse perspectives, building relationships based on trust, and relating to others as individuals, without regard for role, authority, skill, experience, or compensation.
  • Creativity: 
Creativity comes from thinking progressively and being open to the new concepts and ideas that have the potential to work better in the future and bring us closer to our mission.
  • Performance: 
Performance takes many forms, but at its essence, this value reflects our desire for achievement, quality, professionalism and success.
  • Growth: 
Growth comes out of education, learning from the examples of others, and reflecting on our experiences in order to gain insights into how we can improve.
  • Purpose: 
Purpose is knowing why we are doing something, and being more effective in our work as a result. When we have purpose for our individual efforts that connects to the purpose of our group and corporate efforts, we have consistency of purpose as an organization.
  • Service
: Valuing service means focusing on others rather than purely on ourselves; service drives our mission to create something that is of value to others.
  • Ethics
: All TEAM Consultants subscribe to a code of ethics and the highest standards of our profession.