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Don't miss out on your AAS designation! TEAM Consulting now offers the AAS Case Study Review prepared by Fred Chmura, AAS and Rick Stuart, CAE. This 2-1⁄2 day workshop provides a review of materials and an understanding of the composition of a case study to help prepare for the AAS Case Study Exam. This guide emphasizes the most prevalent items to study for but  will not be all-inclusive of what may actually be on the exam. Topics discussed are:

  • Rates and levies
  • Effective tax rates
  • Economic principles
  • Property definitions
  • Ownerships and rights
  • Three approaches to value
  • Attributes in an effective tax system
  • Role of the assessor
  • Ratio studies
  • Tax policy
  • Reassessment planning
  • Assessment administration

Included are multiple problems associated with the assessment and valuation processes, and the workshop will conclude with a four-hour case study exam followed by a review of the answers. This is not an IAAO workshop but one developed by TEAM Consulting, LLC.

AAS Case Study Review - Self Study

TEAM Consulting also offers the AAS Case Study Review Workshop materials for those persons that wish to do the workshop in a self study program The entire workshop , including the study program, examination and examination answers are avilable in pdf format. Simply complete and return your order form with payment by mail, and the workshop materials will be emailed to you.  Order your copy of the "AAS Case Study Review" today!

Praise for TEAM's AAS Case Study Review

 "I did use the review material and found it very helpful.  If the material had been available earlier or if I had been aware that it existed I would have completed the designation process much sooner.  I completed the class work long ago but was reluctant to take the case study because I didn't know how to prepare.  Having the review material gave me the confidence to take the case study and exam.

We have 14 or 15 people in our office that have completed most of the class work needed to get the AAS designation.  We hope to offer them an opportunity to take a review class and the case study sometime next year. We plan to use the review materials that you provide.  Once we get the class scheduled we will be placing an order for the materials."

—George Rooker, AAS


Nashville, TN

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