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AAS Case Study Endorsements

"After 25 years in the profession I quit coming up with excuses not to work towards an IAAO designation and convinced myself I would make time to review for a case study exam and pursue the AAS designation: Easier said than done. Where do you even start in reviewing the broad range of topics which one needs to be familiar with to be considered an assessment administration specialist and where would I find the time? 

The TEAM Consulting LLC review course was exactly the tool I needed to make this happen. Instructor Rick Stuart gave me my start in this profession so I was well aware of his knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm for assessment education. He did not disappoint. I recommend anyone planning to take the AAS Case Study exam to seriously consider participating in the TEAM workshop first. It is time well spent!"

David Harper, AAS, RMA 
Director, Division of Property Valuation 
Kansas Department of Revenue

"I would like to express my gratitude to Rick Stuart and TEAM Consulting LLC for the excellent AAS Case Study Review I attended in July of 2010. Without your review I do not believe I would have been able to pass the Case Study Exam or the AAS Master Exam, but I am happy to say that with your review I was able to pass both and I am now awaiting final confirmation of my AAS designation with IAAO. I highly recommend TEAM Consulting LLC's AAS Case Study Review to anyone interested in sitting for the AAS Case Study Exam and the AAS Master Exam. Thank you again for your help.”

Very Respectfully,
Keilah Heffington, AAS
Indianapolis, IN


"I had received many inquiries from AAS candidates asking if I had any material that could help them in their pursuit of an AAS. Until this course was available my answer was always no. Now I can definitively tell them that there is a great course available to assist them. I plan to regularly offer this course and would recommend the same to other states or chapters with serious AAS candidates."

Ken Joyner, RES, AAS


"I successfully completed the AAS Case Study Exam this year after completing the Team Consulting LLC review course. I found the review course to be extremely valuable. The possible subject matter for the AAS exam is so broad that it was difficult to focus my preparation. The review course helped me to determine the areas where I needed to concentrate as well as giving me a great refresher course. The interaction with other candidates during and after the course was also very valuable to my success. I highly recommend that anyone who is planning to take the Case Study Exam, take the Case Study Review course first."

J Brent Weisner, AAS


"I have been an IAAO member since about 1987 and for many years I worked as a Chief Deputy in large, high-valued townships in the Chicago metropolitan area.  Since I was responsible for the ad valorem valuation of all types of non-farm property, I hoped to one day earn the CAE designation.  However, working for 3 different townships, as a licensed fee appraiser and raising a family of five children I never found the time.

Eventually I was honored to be chosen to be the Supervisor of Assessments in McLean County in central Illinois.  The office was a mess when I arrived.  I often describe it as taking over as captain of a ship that is lying at the bottom of the ocean with a huge hole in the hull.  With hard work and a better staff than I deserve the boat was floated and now rides proud.  My career had taken a turn however.  I am now much more an administrator than an assessor/appraiser.  I switched to the AAS candidacy, but once again found more excuses for not completing the designation.  One day I received a brochure for an AAS Case Study review, and part of the review included the opportunity to take the 8 hour exam on the final day.  Finally, it was an opportunity to force myself, after 24 years of procrastinating to see if I had the knowledge, experience and drive to earn a designation.

To make a long story short, if it had not been for the case study review I would still be a candidate instead of a proud holder of the AAS designation.  A word of warning, read the preparation materials and do a good review before you get there.  I felt like I was taking an exam on my 24 years of assessment practice.  The feeling of accomplishment cannot be adequately described.  I heartily endorse the AAS Case Study Review."

Robert T. Kahman, AAS, CIAO-I
Supervisor of Assessments
McLean County, Illinois

"I did use the review material and found it very helpful.  If the material had been available earlier or if I had been aware that it existed I would have completed the designation process much sooner.  I completed the class work long ago but was reluctant to take the case study because I didn't know how to prepare.  Having the review material gave me the confidence to take the case study and exam.

We have 14 or 15 people in our office that have completed most of the class work needed to get the AAS designation.  We hope to offer them an opportunity to take a review class and the case study sometime next year. We plan to use the review materials that you provide.  Once we get the class scheduled we will be placing an order for the materials." 

George Rooker,
Nashville, TN