TEAM Consulting, LLC

Leaders in Property Assessment & Valuation

TEAM Consulting, LLC is a group of assessment and appraisal experts who offer a wide range of professional services to government and industry. TEAM specializes in bringing new technology and innovative approaches to solving your assessment or appraisal problem in the most cost-effective manner possible, always striving to show a positive return on investment.

TEAM consultants have extensive experience in:

  • Assessment administration

  • Appraisal education

  • Reappraisals, mass appraisals

  • Market modeling

  • Real and personal property valuation

  • Cadastral mapping (GIS)

  • Public information programs

  • Ratio studies

  • Quality control

  • Tax policy

  • CAMA development and implementation

  • —and more

TEAM has the knowledge and experience to fit your every need. For information about how TEAM can assist you with a specific project, please contact Fred Chmura, AAS, Managing Member.

Wanted: Barndominium Data:

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Tiny Homes Anyone?

“Tiny Homes” have become a fad for television networks such as HGTV and DIY and one of the fastest growing house style or type. One of TEAM’s newest workshops is titled Unique and Challenging Homes, written by Marion Johnson, CAE and Rick Stuart, CAE. Tiny homes are fascinating but also puzzling. The authors understand the concept and reasoning, but not sure why a family of two and four cats wants to live in 240 square feet?

This one-day workshop deals with unique and challenging home appraisal problems and by use of case studies and actual market data, steps the participants through the appraisal process of measuring value and/or value loss on such unique properties as tiny homes, container homes, straw bale homes and many more.

If your organization is seeking current topics that allow for hands-on application in your office, please contact Fred Chmura, AAS at or Rick Stuart, CAE, or 785.259.1379.